Chilled iron shot and grit

 Chilled iron shot and grit JSC "MMW" produces technical chilled iron shot and grit according to the State Standard 11964-8. We can also produce chilled iron grit with special sowing.

Chilled iron shot and grit are used for:

  • shot casting and shot-blasting cleaning of casting, forged pieces and other products before and after thermal treatment;
  • surface preparation of details under galvanized cover, enameling, cleaning of cutting instrument, thin-walled rolling from carbonaceous, low-carbon and alloyed steel;
  • scrubbing of small-sized foundry goods in engineering industry by the increased requirements to roughness of large and middle nonferrous castings;
  • scrubbing of iron and steel middle, heavy and especially heavy casting for diesel engine building, hydraulic turbines, blowing machines, turbo generators, fabrication mill, cylinder blocks of automobile and tractor motor;
  • reinforcement of torsion shafts, spring plates, cylindrical twisted springs, details of complex geometrical molding boxes.

Chilled iron shot (CIS) is produced according to such fractions: 0,5; 0,8; 1,0; 1,4; 1,8; 2,2; 2,8; 3,2; 3,6; 5,0; 6,0. Ballast chilled iron shot (5,0; 6,0) is done in accordance with Technical Conditions TY BY 700123720.010-2013 and is used for filling up capacities of electric locomotives and diesel locomotives, as an abrasive in scrubbing tubes of steam and hot water boilers. Chilled iron grit (CIG) is fabricated according to following fractions: 0,3; 0,5; 0,8; 1,0; 1,4; 1,8; 2,2; G05, G07, G12, G17, G24, G34, G39, G47, G55, G66, G80.

 Compliance of physical-mechanical properties of shot and grit to the attributes

Shot type Shot number Density, kg/m3, not less Hardness, Hv
CIS 0,5-3,6 7200 545…830
CIG 0,3-2,2

Chilled iron shot and grit are packed in bags “Big-Bag” (capacity 1000 kg) and in propylene bags (capacity 25 kg) in 40 pcs on wooden Euro pallets under thermocontractable film.

 Упаковка дроби  Упаковка дроби


The inspection of child iron grit (G) and shot (R) dimensions during sowing on the control sieve collection: 


 Chilled iron shot and grit aggregates designed to fill ballast capacity, manufacturing balances and etc. Bulk density of chilled iron shot and grit aggregates is no less than 2100 kg/m

Aggregate for heavy concrete numbers 2,8 and 3,2 designed to production concrete with a density of 2600 kg/m including for using in the construction of nuclear power plants. Bulk density of aggregate for heavy concrete is no less than 4200 kg/m  .

Also JSC "MMW" produced mixtures of chilled iron shot and grit and aggregate of different numbers in different proportions.

Information for loading: 

Loading - top! If you have the pallets – back.

Warehouse working time:

Monday - Saturday: from 8.00 to 17.00

Friday: from 8.00 to 15.30

Arrival to load:

Monday - - Saturday: from 8.00 to 15.30

Friday: from 8.00 to 14.00

Material Safety Data Sheets for technical chilled iron shot and grit can be obtained by clicking on the following links: Material Safety Data Sheet for chilled iron shotMaterial Safety Data Sheet for chilled iron grit.

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