The European and Asian customers have evaluated quality of Belarus iron shot in 2011

Quality of product of Open Society "W" is confirmed not only with awards, but also with an increasing demand for factory products. 

Implementation growth rates of iron shot and grit will constitute about 170 % as compared to the previous year. Export will constitute more than 90 %. 

Monthly shipment of chilled iron grit in the far abroad countries to the middle 2010., to mainly new customers, has reached the greatest possible level, as well as it was predicted, considering capacities of  present crushing equipment. Owing to that the solution of maintaining of a new milling line was accepted. The design is finished and a new crushing equipment since April 1, 2011 works on complete power. Chilled iron grit is fabricated only according to order. Utilization of capacity constitutes about 100 %. 

Among new outlet markets of iron shot and grit in 2011 are - Georgia, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France.

In November 2011 after long negotiations with a new customer the agreement has been signed and the first marine container of chilled iron grit produced by Open Society "W" was sent to India. In the middle of December products have reached peninsula of Hindustan shores. After short tests on quality, Belarus goods have been evaluated on dignity by the Indian abrasive industry and in the end of December JSC Mogilev Metallurgical Works has gained a big ticket order on the further deliveries of iron shot from the customer. In December 5 containers will be loaded out to India with iron shot. We look forward to further beneficial cooperation.


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