In late twenties of the past century the north-eastern part of Mogilev was a desolate waste ground. This place and nearby branch line pleased the planners very much, and at the end of 1929 a small group of people came for preparation of the future Works ground, at the beginning of 1930 nip and tuck building works were begun. And already on November 6, 1932 tube-casting plant celebrated its Birthday.

During the Great Patriotic War (on June 23, 1941) the work of the plant was stopped for equipment evacuation to the Urals, and with liberation of Mogilev city from the fascist aggressors its restoration has begun. The plant also made powerful contribution to the national economy of the Republic in the postwar period: from year to year increasing the issue of pig-iron pressure water tubes, the plant relieved the Republic of necessity of the tubes importation from abroad. Moreover, the significant part of tubes departed to Baltic, on new buildings of the Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Open joint-stock company "Mogilev metallurgical works" has been created as a result of transformation of government enterprise Mogilev metallurgical plant of A.F. Mjasnikova with participation of the foreign capital in the statutory fund Boston Trade Connections Inc. The USA January 21, 1997.

In 2006 joint-stock company "Mogilev metallurgical works" became a part of a production association "Belarus metallurgical works".

Now joint-stock company "Mogilev metallurgical works" produces certificated products of high quality.

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